Les yeux mi-clos


Les yeux mi-clos

« This exhibition is the realization from friendly discussions about a project aiming at the coexistence of the works from the Jozsa gallery’s artists and those from the Veys-Verhaevert’s collection.
However, how can you link these two paths that are so different to each other? One of them questions the world whereas the other is fond of those who aim a kind of decline.
Thus, the idea of half-closed eyes is born; to look at the world and to offer the possibility to read it poetically.
The context of this exhibition is that of passion and engagement. Those of a gallery owner Catherine Jozsa, militant figure of a changing profession, and of a collector Christophe Veys. »

Christophe Veys, curator of the exhibition Les yeux mi-clos, Brussels, 10 mai 2015

Group show with Laurette Atrux-Tallau, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Natalia de Mello, Samuel Buckman, Paula Castro, Cedric Christie, Aurélien Froment, Cristina Garrido, Bernard Gaube, Lucie Lanzini, LelloArnell, Yerbossyn Meldibebikov, Jorge Pedro Núñez and Oriol Vilanova


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