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Cumulus is the first exhibition of Atelier Bildraum at Jozsa Gallery. For Atelier Bildraum Cumulus is a visual and poetic reference that enables to negotiate different motifs in their work. The exhibited work is the result of an orchestrated process in which sculpture, video and photography together crystallize into one cumulative form. In Atelier Bildraum architect Steve Salembier (1976) and photographer Charlotte Bouckaert (1983) work together as an artist duo. Image, space and imagination are central within visual universe that includes both performances, scenography and installations. Their work has been awarded nationally and internationally. In March 2017 their first major stage production will premiere at De Munt / La Monnaie.

Cumulus is de eerste tentoonstelling van Atelier Bildraum bij Jozsa Gallery. Voor Atelier Bildraum is cumulus/stapelwolk een beeldend en poëtisch referentiekader dat verschillende motieven in hun werk bespreekbaar maakt. Het in cumulus tentoongestelde werk is de neerslag van een door het kunstenaarsduo georchestreerd proces waarbinnen sculptuur, video en fotografie samen uitkristalliseren tot één cumulatieve vorm. In Atelier Bildraum werken architect Steve Salembier (°1976) en fotografe Charlotte Bouckaert (°1983) als kunstenaarsduo samen. In hun beeldend universum dat zowel performances, scenografie als installaties omvat staan beeld, ruimte en verbeelding centraal. Hun werk werd nationaal en internationaal bekroond. In maart 2017 gaat hun eerste grote zaalproductie in premiere in De Munt/La Monnaie.

Cumulus est la première exposition d’Atelier Bildraum à la Jozsa Gallery. Selon, les artistes, le cumulus présente la référence visuelle et poétique des différents motifs qui résident dans leur travail. Les oeuvres présentées sont le résultat d'un processus orchestré où sculpture, vidéo et photographie se cristallisent en une forme cumulative. Atelier Bildraum est formé par un duo d’artiste : l’architecte Steve Salembier (1976) et la photographe Charlotte Bouckaert (1983). Leur univers visuel se présente à la fois sous forme de performances, de scénographies et d’installations où l’image, l'espace et l’imagination sont centrales. Leur travail a été récompensé tant nationalement qu’internationalement. En Mars 2017, leur première production majeure sera présentée en première à La Monnaie/De Munt.



Charlotte Bouckaert (1983)
Steve Salembier (1976)

Live and work in Ronse

Selected projects and exhibitions

2017 In between violet and green – Première @ La Monnaie/De Munt on 9th of march
2017 Musée Moule @ Be-part Waregem
2016 Cumulus @ Jozsa Gallery Brussels
2015 Musée Moule – Inauguration @ Beursschouwburg Brussels,
2015 Landscape - groupexpo Hermes Peaks - Workspace brussels - Kaaistudio’s
2015 Absent @ Poppositions Brussel
2014 Bildraum – Premiere @ Beursschouwburg Brussels on 7th of november
Bildraum on tour @ Bâtard Festival (Brussels) Theater aan Zee (Oostende), CC Gasthuis (Aarschot) Festival Cement (’s Hertogenbosch), Operadagen Rotterdam, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Love at First Sight Festival (Antwerp)
2014 Convergence – 2M3 @ W-O-L-K-E, Brussels
2012 To look for noon @ Artlab ZSenne, Brussels - 2013
2012 The photographer left, he told the truth @ Beursschouwburg, Brussels
2011 Being Apart Together @ Festival Korte Metten, Vooruit, Gent

2016 Total Theatre Award Edinburgh Fringe Festival : Bildraum
2015 Diorapthe price Festival Cement ’s Hertogenbosch : Musée Moule
2014 Big in Belgium Award TAZ Oostende : Bildraum


In Atelier Bildraum, the architect Steve Salembier and photographer Charlotte Bouckaert work together on performances, stage settings and installations. Space, image and imagination are their core concerns. The photographic image and the scale model are key elements in this quest and determine the craftsmanship involved in their practice. Both these media are by nature static and contrast sharply with the moving continuum of reality on stage. Whereas spaces tell the story of the activities and situations they accommodate, the scale model and the photographic image isolate this story to form a concise and focused experience of a recorded moment. It is the spectator and his empathy which, in the course of this process and in between the static images, builds up a story and makes associations. It is not only the visual aspect, but also the sound that plays an important part in Atelier Bildraum’s work. Sound is after all a significant medium for spatiality and makes an essential contribution to the spectator’s spatial imagination. In parallel with the process of constructing, transforming, recording and representing space live, sounds and music, not all of it live, are built up and employed as a layer of expression. Their first production – Bildraum – won the Big in Belgium Award at Theater aan Zee in 2015. Atelier Bildraum will be guest artists at LOD music theatre for the next two seasons.

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10, 11 maart 2017 Premiere Salle Malibran La Monnaie/De Munt
maart, april, mei in Gand, Roeselare, Oostende, Antwerpen