Whispered Dances


Whispered Dances is a story of drawings and videos. Veaceslav Druta(Moldavie, 1972) and David Leleu (France, 1973) have been invited to stage this exhibition. Coming from different cultures, they bring together images and sounds that are not related directly - the connection is established by the fact of juxtaposition.

In his videos, Veaceslav Druta presents his own desires for freedom and flying as well as his doubts and anxieties. These funny and odd scenes present absurd situations. Rooted in his background and traditions, he films environments that seem pleasant at first glance. The disparity between sound and image in some of his videos increases the poetical effect of swivelling between a smooth and a disturbing reality.

In David Leleu's works, the drawing serves the idea. During the creative process, he deliberately steps back from the images he selects on the web! The medium of drawing allows the artist to create an intimate atmosphere through a whirl of impersonal and absurd images. He delivers them to us in a manner that we end up entangled in them, and he plays with the photography using a kind of humour an ambiguity.

Assembled for Whispered Dances, despite their different practices, Veaceslav Druta and David Leleu share the interest to connect elements that seem, at first glance, qui paraissent divergent. From the liaison of these elements another story unfolds, and the spector is invited to enter and travel through that dymension.